Well ... 'Hello'

Food photography for Pied-a-Terre restauarant feautured in Hello Magazine

Chuffed to see my Food Photography featured in a double page spread in Hello Magazine today. Head Chef Marcus Eaves of the wonderful 'Pied a Terre' restaurant serves up some favourite seasonal dishes from the fine French eatery. #FoodPhotography #Pied-a-terre #HelloMagazine


The Workers

1 shot from a recent photography commission where I had to highlight 'the people behind the places' around Carnaby Street in London. I love these sort of jobs.... where you need to blend in with people very quickly, so they forget and be themselves.... armed with my beloved Fuji X-Pro1 I was able to quietly click away... I hope you can feel the Intensity that i felt watching this head chef working away. 

Verry Verru Food Photography! Yummy!

One of my fave types of work..... and I wonder why!! ?? ;) I LOVE shooting food, especially when its this amazing!! As you can see the chaps down at Verru really know their stuff ... This is Posh nosh at very, very reasonable prices i must add! Food photography is all about making it look beautiful and inviting, so I hope you feel hungry now!?

If you fancy a nibble yourself, get down to Marylebone lane and taste the Verru cuisine. its delightful! 2012-11-16_0001.jpg 2012-11-16_0002.jpg 2012-11-16_0003.jpg 2012-11-16_0004.jpg 2012-11-16_0005.jpg 2012-11-16_0006.jpg 2012-11-16_0007.jpg 2012-11-16_0008.jpg 2012-11-16_0009.jpg 2012-11-16_0010.jpg 2012-11-16_0011.jpg 2012-11-16_0012.jpg 2012-11-16_0014.jpg