Tankus The Henge, Scala Club

Bigger, Brighter, Bolder than ever... Its full steam ahead for the Tankus boys.

I've been crazy busy with commercial work for the last 3 months ... so it was a welcome change to see my old (but young!) friends ... Tankus The Henge last night at The Scala. They were headlining the gig with a new line up, new tunes and a different sound ...!?

I've photographed these lovely lads for a few years now and have become a massive fan of their music and themselves! Top lads, massively talented, and more energy than a nuclear reactor on meltdown! I was apprehensive to hear the new tunes, with new members and new sound, but these thoughts were swiftly blown away within the first minute of them kicking off!

All I can say is ... if these boys are playing near you anytime soon ... GO SEE THEM!! Check out their site here for dates!