As most of you who look at my blog will know, photography has always been firstly my passion and secondly my job. I count myself very fortunate to be paid to do something which gives me such pleasure - no matter what the subject. Photography takes me on a different journey each time I pick up my beloved Nikon D3 and D700. Whilst I'm out on my jobs I often come into contact with other enthusiastic photographers who often dismiss their abilities based upon having a cheaper camera!? To this I always laugh... as a picture is not just about it's technical brilliance... It's about the subject and the moment! The energy and the feeling. What might be nothing to someone else can mean the world to you in a picture, and Vice Versa! A photograph does not have to be taken on a £5k super shooter to still make a person stop, look and ponder.

To that end, I lead onto my new love for my IPhone and the amazing 'Hipstamatic' and 'Instagram' apps. These fantastic little snapper enhancements are the perfect way to catch a moment whilst out and about.

So.. I thought I would share a few of my snaps from my Iphone with you, and hopefully inspire you all to do the same :-)



Pic of the Day ~ 2nd October - Fun in the Sun

I thought to continue the summer theme as we are experiencing this AMAZING sunshine weather into October!! I took this photograph down on the Southbank of London, kids were playing in the fountains, the sun shone.... magical. Hope you like :-) [caption id="attachment_1978" align="alignnone" width="580" caption="Kids playing in the Fountains at London's Southbank Centre"][/caption]

Tall Ships ...

Myself and the Harvey Juniors were up at Nanna Harvey's over the Summer Holiday in Thirsk, N. Yorks. I love it up there, totally diferent vibe to London, people actually smile and say hello up there! :-) Whilst visiting, my good old ma told us about the 'Tall Ships' setting sail from Middlesborough and Teeside, so off me and the Juniors went in serch of some big old ships!


I have never driven through such torrential rain as we did on the way... kids faces were long and i knew i could be in for an afternoon of self harm!

The ships, well, they may have been tall, but were nowhere near our bit of the coastline, so i took to catching a few snaps of the Juniors instead ... Happydays! :-)