Food Fight at Verru

Yesterday i was back to the amazing Verru restaurant in London's Marylebone Lane! Except this time for some slightly different 'profile shots' of the owner, 'Andrei' and his merry band of men! Andrei said he didn't want to have boring, serious portraits, so wanted to try something a tad 'different'.... at the mere mention of a food fight, the boys seemed ready for it... as you can see.... this is all in jest and their obvious great relationship is plain to see!! As i've already said.... the food here is amazing and so are the people.... get down there!! 2012-11-21_0002.jpg 2012-11-21_0012.jpg 2012-11-21_0006.jpg 2012-11-21_0005.jpg 2012-11-21_0004.jpg 2012-11-21_0003.jpg 2012-11-21_0009.jpg 2012-11-21_0010.jpg 2012-11-21_0011.jpg 2012-11-21_0008.jpg 2012-11-21_0007.jpg 2012-11-21_0013.jpg 2012-11-21_0014.jpg 2012-11-21_0015.jpg