Pic of the Day ~ Sept 30th 2011 ~ HDR Photography

HDR Photography, Love it or hate it... its out there! Here's a quicky i did whilst working up in Stirling for HSBC Bank last week ... Its quite erie and also soft and fluffy at the same time i think!? Anyway .... hope you enjoy it? please hit the 'like' if you do (sorry they don't have a 'dislike' button but you can always leave a comment! :-)

Pic of the Day ~ 27th Sept 2011

Todays Pic of the Day... Simple.... because its my beautiful daughter in all her innocence!  Playing in the woods and ran over to me whilst i was about to take a shot.... i quickly turned the camera skywards and this is the shot. Bless you Daisy Pie :-) x

Photographing the Southbank with Energy

My lovely clients at  'energy design' gave me a great job recently down along London's Southbank. My shots were to be used in a local area guide, marketing the swanky new 'Grange Garden' housing development down near Bermondsey. These are the sort of jobs i just love!! Me, my camera, lots of walking and hunting out interesting places, features, and funky people. The weather was glorious, so i jumped on my motorbike and headed down there early. My brief was to show the local area, its atmosphere, the characters, the bars and restaurants etc. If there is one aspect to documentary/reportage photography i love it is capturing the things that are there, happening under your nose... I love people watching and seeing people going about their busy lives.

Have to say the cover shot was my fave also, so glad it made it there!! :-)[slideshow]

If you are down that way, why not pop into Grange Garden and see some of my images displayed in the reception area... here are a few shots from my iphone of me having a peek myself last week :-)[gallery columns="4" orderby="ID"]