Wireless Speedlights - Strobist Softbox Technique Tutorial

YouTube - Strobist Softbox Technique Tutorial. http://www.youtube.com/v/w0g63DggyzQ

Ok, so for a while i have wanted to use my speedlights a bit more creatively, so I bought the Nikon SU800 Commander which allows me to control as many speedlights as i like remotely. I invested in a couple of popout softboxes and off i went.... straight round to my kids and got them on the trampoline to see what we could get!

Watch this space....

Wireless Speedlights

Well, here are the results of my first play with wireless flash. I hooked up 2 Nikon SB800 Flash units onto some small light stands with my great new fold out softboxes... All was quite straightforward.... only limiting factor is that you have to angle the flash to make sure its 'infrared' sensor window can see the SU800 commander on top of your camera... if it can't - NO flash! I am really pleased with the ease of use, portability and quality of light you can get using this set up ... throw them into Lightroom and job done! :)


The Harvey Juniors are both great guinea pig models and always on hand for a bit of camera fun...! :(

I love this shot of Daisy, she has such a great sense of humour in front of the camera.... her 'casual' expression and mad pose looks brilliant! Go Daisy! ;)


This is my fave shot! Love Daisy's body language and face in the background! Gabe doesn't seem to be noticing her annoyance at the amount of time he has been on!