2 day Travel Photography adventure in Magical Marrakech

I went there with dreams of colour and life... but its was SOOOOO Hard to shoot there! Any of you that have been there, know that taking pictures in Marrakech is far from easy... and not the romantic holiday destination you would think of ... so armed with a hulking great big Nikon DSLR and a long lens, i hardly blended in... and these people are hyper sensitive to cameras! You either get a "NO PICTURE" and a hand raised over the face, or a hand out asking for money the second they see you!! So ....with only being there for 2 days I had to adapt quickly, and learn to be very quick to seize any picture opportunities ... Its still a great place to go to though if you like a challenge!! ;) Enjoy, share and rate please :) _0044.jpg _0045.jpg _0046.jpg _0047.jpg _0048.jpg _0049.jpg _0050.jpg _0051.jpg _0052.jpg _0053.jpg _0054.jpg _0055.jpg _0056.jpg _0057.jpg _0058.jpg _0059.jpg _0060.jpg _0061.jpg _0062.jpg _0063.jpg _0064.jpg _0065.jpg _0066.jpg _0067.jpg _0068.jpg _0069.jpg

Tankus The Henge - Music Photography on The Thames

What can I say .... other than I LOVE these boys!!!! ... Everytime I meet them and work with them, I leave with a big smile on my face .... they are just loveable, bonkers, creative TALENT!! They always make my photography look good because they are just so colourful and interesting!! Check out their facebook page here and lookout for a gig soon .... I promise you will LOVE them! _0035.jpg _0027.jpg _0028.jpg _0029.jpg _0030.jpg _0031.jpg _0032.jpg _0033.jpg _0034.jpg _0036.jpg _0037.jpg _0038.jpg _0039.jpg _0040.jpg _0041.jpg _0042.jpg _0043.jpg

Set Stills Photography with lovable Aussie boys, Hamish and Andy

Some of you might know, that during the summer, Aussie TV and Radio sensations - 'Hamish and Andy' were over here in London filming their new TV show 'Hamish and Andy's Euro Gap Year'. I was pulled in to do some Set Stills Photography, Promotion shots and some behind the scenes photography too. I have to admit, before I got the call about working on the show - I had never heard of them. After a quick Google and Facebook search, I soon realized that these cheeky smilers have a big following on the south side! 1.6million facebook likers and half a million followers on twitter! Zoiks... i hoped they were cool!?

Our first shoot was set for some calamity capers around the London Eye, Westminster and then onto St Johns Wood for some Beatles Abbey Road fun! within 2 mins of meeting the guys i was pleasantly surprised at how absolutely lovely they were! Grounded, polite and great fun! from there on in .... it was all easy!

I hope you like the images and will check out these chaps... Hamish and Andy's Euro Gap Year is showing on ITV4 at the moment, and i guarantee you'll be smiling if you tune in! Enjoy! 2012-11-18_0001.jpg 2012-11-18_0002.jpg 2012-11-18_0003.jpg 2012-11-18_0004.jpg 2012-11-18_0005.jpg 2012-11-18_0006.jpg 2012-11-18_0007.jpg 2012-11-18_0008.jpg 2012-11-18_0009.jpg 2012-11-18_0010.jpg 2012-11-18_0011.jpg 2012-11-18_0012.jpg 2012-11-18_0013.jpg 2012-11-18_0014.jpg 2012-11-18_0015.jpg 2012-11-18_0016.jpg 2012-11-18_0017.jpg 2012-11-18_0018.jpg 2012-11-18_0019.jpg 2012-11-18_0020.jpg 2012-11-18_0021.jpg 2012-11-18_0022.jpg 2012-11-18_0023.jpg 2012-11-18_0024.jpg 2012-11-18_0025.jpg 2012-11-18_0026.jpg