Linking up at LinkedIn

My good friend Nic Davis (Owner of Simplicity Remastered Hair Salon in London) and I recently teamed up to shoot some of the lovely people at LinkedIn. LinkedIn have these very cool 'down days' for their staff ... ? What say you of these down days i hear you ask?? Well, being a very young, forward thinking company, the peeps at Linkedin decided to give their staff a day off once month in addition to their normal holidays.... the only proviso being that they still come into the workplace... but basically have fun all day doing things they wouldn't normally do? So, myself and Nic were asked to give the staff a mini makeover and profile shot at the end. 

I have to say, we did have a laugh, and tried as many times as possible to include the 'LinkedIn' signage in a few of the shots... and it became a bit of a challenge for all staff being photographed to try to come up with a unique pose whilst holding it! I din't have long to set up, and we had to use the existing office space, so i tried to balance my light with the available light and space to create some interesting shapes for the background? 

Also just to prove that all this messing around does have an effect... Kerry, one of the girls from LinkedIn, sent me this - to show how a new mug shot really can make people look at your profile! So, if you want to get noticed ... get a new profile picture that makes people stop and look! I'm ready when you are! ;)

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 20.45.05.png