Burlesque Photography with Lady Cave at Volupte Lounge, London

Last weekend I undertook my first burlesque shoot.... last weekend with the amazing Lady Cave! I have always been mesmerized by the detail and beauty of this styling. The costumes and outfits are so classy and elegant, and the girls on the burlesque scene are known for their attention to detail.  Kate (Lady Cave) was no exception! just Fantabulous!! We had the run of very chic and cool Volupte Lounge for the afternoon last Sunday... so armed with my new best friend (my Fuji X-Pro1 and my Ellincrom Rangers, I set up out to create some moody, smokey images re-creating the feel of an old vintage club from yesteryear!I shall certainly be doing more burlesque shoots now, so watch this space! In the meantime enjoy these images and hit the like button on Lady Cave's facebook page too :-) 2012-11-24_0001.jpg 2012-11-24_0002.jpg 2012-11-24_0003.jpg 2012-11-24_0004.jpg 2012-11-24_0005.jpg 2012-11-24_0006.jpg 2012-11-24_0007.jpg 2012-11-24_0008.jpg 2012-11-24_0009.jpg 2012-11-24_0010.jpg 2012-11-24_0011.jpg 2012-11-24_0012.jpg 2012-11-24_0013.jpg 2012-11-24_0014.jpg