Events Photography for Peroni

Last night I shot the last of 3 events for drinks company ~ Peroni beer. These nights were put on around the country as 'experiential' events. One of the reasons I love doing event photography so much is that the venues are usually great, and I think you'll agree, the venues here were amazing! The first event was held in Liverpool Cathedral - which is in fact the largest Cathedral in Britain and the 3rd largest in Europe! When the lighting was fixed and the table set it looked spectacular, and had a wonderful feel! Then it was off  to 'The Old Fruit Market' in Glasgow City centre. Its my first time in Glasgow and I really enjoyed it. I always make sure i walk around a city as much as possible so i can get my bearings and a feel for it. The Georgian Architecture was incredible, and it was soon evident to me that Glasgow is certainly one of the trendiest and hip UK city's i've been to in a while. The venue was also great, loads of character and you could just imaginee it as a thriving Fruit Market in years gone by.

Last night was the final location for the Amici-di-Peroni road show, so they ended on a high, literally.... at the top of Tower Bridge. Again a great location and a tad easier to get home from! ;) The weather was amazingly turbulent last night. Sunshine one minute then Hail and torrential rain the next.... i loved it and did manage to get a few snaps out of the window...

big thanks to Peroni for giving me such a great event to photograph ... look out for more in June this year ... ;)


Venice at Dusk

This is one of my favourite landscapes i had the pleasure of producing. Such a beautiful place, and standing waiting for the light to drop was a lovely peaceful time. I hope you enjoy... and remember if ever you visit there, be sure to check the tides or you will need your wellies!![caption id="attachment_2091" align="alignnone" width="1024" caption="Resting Gondolas on Venice's Grand Canal"][/caption]

Pic of the Day

I have decided to post a 'Pic of the Day' from now on .... randomly taken from within my library of images ... This first shot is of a Nun i saw travelling on one of the river boats in Venice ...