Carnaby Christmas Lights

A few shots from this years #Carnaby @CarnabyLondon Christmas lights switch on that took place this Thursday. I was working in the Carnaby area all day as part of the annual report shoot I am currently working on for the owners of Carnaby Street. I was there for 12 hours in total, outside .... FROZEN!!! At least these cheerful shots have put a bit of warmth back into my feet again!! ;-)

The Workers

1 shot from a recent photography commission where I had to highlight 'the people behind the places' around Carnaby Street in London. I love these sort of jobs.... where you need to blend in with people very quickly, so they forget and be themselves.... armed with my beloved Fuji X-Pro1 I was able to quietly click away... I hope you can feel the Intensity that i felt watching this head chef working away.