The Michelin Stars turn out at L'Autre Pied for Slow Food Week 2014

Last night I was invited to photograph a rather special 'foody' event for my client David Moore; owner of Michelin restaurants - Pied-a-terre and L'Autre Pied in central London. The event was held for Slow Food Week 2014, featuring a 'Forgotten foods' menu by top Michelin chefs, Tom Aikens, Tom Van Zeller, Francesco Mazzei and Andy McFadden who were all rubbing shoulders with each other down in the kitchen of L'Autre Pied. It was great being down in the kitchen with these guys and their assistants. Things get pretty hot down there. One of the many things that I LOVE about doing food photography and working around these guys is their energy and passion. One of the the other things I also love about food photography is getting to sometimes have a taste! ;)