Street Photography with 'street13'

yes yes yes .... its been months since i have blogged .... i need another set of arms and legs at the moment, not to mention brain!! I have been SOOOOOOOOOOO Busy for the last 5 months .... and still hectic, but thought its about time i got some stuff up on here to show you where i have been and what i have been doing! :) So ... as many of you know, i am a big Instagram fanatic!! But.... i mean Instagram in the true sense .... so my shots on Instagram are all 100% Iphone and nothing else!! ... I found this dude 'Sam' while on my way to a shoot... he got on the train as cool as a cucumber on his retro hotwheels and sat there in amongst the other travellers without a care in the world ... I quickly whipped out my trusty iphone 4 for some shots (on the quiet of course!) and got some great shots of Sam without him being aware ... ! But when Sam also got off at Willesden Green, my curiosity got the better of me, so i asked him if he'd mind me taking a few shots (i had my Nikon in my bag!! ;) ) and here they are. Sam was a very interesting guy with a story to tell that amazed me and truly makes you realize that we should never judge a book by its cover!! I hope you like!![gallery]